June 14, 2018

DB58 Piston 62.02501-6561 for Daewoo Doosan Excavator

Daewoo Doosan Piston Part No. : 62.02501-6561  Cyl. Bore: 102mm Engine Model: Daewoo Doosan DB58 DB58-TC  Piston Pin:  36*87mm Piston Ring:  3.0DK +2.5+4.0MM Application:  Daewoo Doosan Excavator CTC: Mr. James  Email: [email protected]   Wechat/whatsapp: +86-138-3385-7215 
June 14, 2018

Kia RFA VN Piston VNY1-11-SAO, Dia 93mm

Kia Piston 93mm Engine Type: Diesel Kia RFA VN Cyl. Bore:  93mm Part No.:  VNY1-11-SA0 0VNY1-11-SA0  VNY1-11-SAO Piston Pin:  30*75mm Piston Ring: 2.0+2.0+3.0mm Used for Kiat Van 2.7L CTC: Mr. James  Email: [email protected]   Whatsapp & wechat: +86-138-3385-7215
June 25, 2018

hyundai piston D4BB 23410-42701/T2/H100

Diameter: 91.10mm Ring grooves: 2+2+3 Pin hole: 29*75 CD: 46.2mm TL: 76.20mm
July 31, 2018

Hyundai D4CB CRDI Piston 23410-4A900 23410-4A910

Hyundai D4CB CRDI Piston Part No.  23410-4A900 23410-4A901  23410-4A902 23410-4A910  23410-4A911 23410-4A912  23410-4A913 23410-4A914 Cyl. Bore 91mm Piston Ring 2.5HK+2.0+3.0mm Piston Pin 33*75mm Piston Type: alfin and with oil gallery, skirt Graphite treated CTC: Mr. James  Email: [email protected]  Whatsapp & wechat: +86-138-3385-7215